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Memorabilia Monday: I Am One, 10" Vinyl

On August 24th, 1992, Smashing Pumpkins released their first, and only, 10” vinyl single through Hut Recordings – a subsidiary of Virgin Records. An alternate version of “I Am One” appears on the initial Limited Potential 7” – released approximately two years earlier. The 10” vinyl features exclusive b-side tracks which were unavailable elsewhere at the time; namely, “Terrapin” and “Bullet Train to Osaka”. The single alone is intriguing for the exclusive tracks, however, it is also interesting as the front artwork displays the eyes of, presumably, two band members as they look through crescent moon masks. However, the identity of the people has never been corroborated, making this little mystery quite fascinating to many devoted Smashing Pumpkins fans. The reverse artwork also features a person donning a mask with an unnamed, white “kitty kat”, prominently displayed in the forefront. Will we ever know the identity of the masked individuals? Either way, this unique vinyl celebrates a 23 year-old birthday today, and is a wonderful piece of memorabilia and artwork for any collector or fan.

Get a copy of "I Am One" here:

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