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Memorabilia Monday: Pisces Iscariot + Friends

On October 4th, 1994, The Smashing Pumpkins released Pisces Iscariot – a collection of b-side material from Gish, Lull, Peel Sessions, and Siamese Dream. Many of the songs were only available as imports and a select few were previously unreleased. The collection of songs spanned multiple eras and release formats to include CDs and vinyl. A hand-written demo tape titled, "Pisces Iscariot + Friends", was compiled by William Patrick Corgan sometime in 1993 after the supersonic success of Siamese Dream. The cassette features a multitude of additional songs from previous demo tapes, Starchildren, live recordings, and even more unreleased material. Creating yet another grand piece of memorabilia!

Keep Collecting!

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