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Memorabilia Monday: Machina Snakeskin

While waiting for its reissue, we return to the year 2000 when Machina, The Machines Of God was originally released. We know of a rather long list of promotional items and other Machina related memorabilia, there is however one item that stands out from that era. Let's go to France, where there was a Machina promo which came in a ‘snakeskin’ envelope. The envelope came with the Machina CD album and an exclusive Machina booklet in French. We have no clue of pressing numbers, let alone how many have survived in 15 years. It must be quite rare though, because we hardly see it on the auction sites. Yet another piece of memorabilia that continues to holds a high value!

"First I've heard of this!" - William Patrick Corgan

Keep Collecting!!

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