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MEMORABILIA MONDAYS: Lost Highway: "Eye" Promotional Cassette

The Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson are currently joining forces on The End Times Tour; bringing 25+ years of rock and roll history into multiple venues across North America. In the spirit of these two bands working together, we blow the dust from a soundtrack released in 1996 for the David Lynch film, Lost Highway. Although not directly collaborating, the two bands are respectively featured on the soundtrack, with Marilyn Manson contributing two songs and Billy Corgan submitting the song, “Eye”. The song was originally intended for Shaquille Oneal’s upcoming rap album, but the plans never worked out. Instead, we find this successful departure from normal guitar-driven melodies into electronica; an influence that would propel itself into the band’s next album, Adore. Aside from the official soundtrack, the only known release of this song is a promotional cassette tape. The cassette is an extremely rare piece of someone’s memorabilia collection!

Check out information on the remaining End Times Tour here:

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