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Memorabilia Monday: Siamese Dream Limited Edition Box

As we approach the anniversary of Siamese Dream (7/27/93), today we look at one of the more valuable bootlegged items.

During 1995-1996, a limited edition Siamese Dream wooden box appeared on the market. The box was limited to 1000 copies and was sold at Tower Records in Chicago, amongst other record shops. The item was a big hit, on popular auctions sites and it was a "must have" for collectors.

Despite the craze, there were questions surrounding its authenticity. The box contained an official copy of either the US or Netherlands CD. It also housed an official Siamese Dream 4 or 20 page booklet; however, there were reports of the box being sold without the CD and booklet. It was rumored to have stamped, reproduction autographs of the band as well, but those have never surfaced. Questions about different colored hardware and a dubious barcode were also red flags.

With years of questioning it's authenticity, Mr. Corgan helped in confirming this limited piece of memorabilia a bootleg.

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