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MEMORABILIA MONDAYS! "Oceania World Tour" Autographed VIP Poster

"Oceania World Tour" Autographed VIP Poster

This week marks the 3rd anniversary of the release of Oceania (June 19, 2012)!

In the late summer of 2012, The Smashing Pumpkins offered a "VIP" package for fans on the "Oceania World Tour". It was an up-close opportunity for fans to get a personal mini concert, ask the band questions and, a limited autographed poster! Not a bad deal for such a great experience!

Looking for current VIP Packages for the "In Plainsong" tour? is now providing Memorabilia for Memorabilia Mondays

Interested in sharing unique items from your own personal collection? Send pictures and all information you might have to, and those selected will not only be featured on THE PANOPTICON, but receive insights from WPC as to whatever information he might

(or might not!) recall.

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