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“Siva” was the first single from the bands’ debut album Gish, and overall it was the third single for Smashing Pumpkins after “I Am One” and “Tristessa”. “Siva” was released in the UK on 12” vinyl (August 1991) and in Australia (CD, 1992).

Some notable facts about “Siva”:

  • Billy Corgan was wearing a necklace as pictured in the single’s artwork in the early days of the band.

  • “Siva” was considered as the band’s name before the Smashing Pumpkins became the definite moniker.

  • The first music video the band released was for “Siva”. A music video for “I Am One” was also shot in the early days, however, it would not be made public before 2001, when the Greatest Hits Video Collection (1991-2000) was released.

  • The photo on the back of the “Siva” single, made by Robert Knapp, was also used as the front artwork of the Australian CD single for “I Am One”. It pictures James Iha, hidden in a Shiva-style hair dress, created from silver foil.

  • During a 1992 Paris, France gig “Siva” was introduced with an alternate title, and a long instrumental jam. It had something to do with the Eiffel tower, and the rest we will leave to your fantasy…

For the collectors amongst us: the “Siva” CD single from Australia is extremely rare, and one of the most expensive collectibles that the Smashing Pumpkins musical history has to offer!

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