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Hello from LaLa, where the band (Mark, Brad, Jeff, and I) have wrapped up rehearsals for the upcoming Australia and South America shows; which will be exciting. Future US shows remain a possibility, which European ones look less and less likely. But that's not to say I wouldn't make it back 'over there' by year's end, assuming there'd be a single from the 'still being recorded' and 'now unnamed' future album. For that, they'll be a hustle April-July to finish. Going to Australia of course brings up lots of memories, as at one point I had plans to live there (at least part of the time). Far, yes, as a place, but worth the journey if you've never been. So I guess I mean to say that any return has a feeling of coming home, in a way that other spots once did before SP was thus abandoned. But: that's life. You live, you lose, you pick yourself up off the ground and give it your best. Memory being that affect that is what you keep of it. W.P.C.