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Hello from Hollyweird...


Apologies for being slow to post, but having covered Berlin-Paris-London-Paris-NYC-LaLa in past few days I'm a bit spaced out. And when I get tied I tend to be a bit more honest. So a lightning-fire round then, eh? Berlin: great crowd, austere venue, got in done. London: epic. Manson. Victorian delights after a thrilling afternoon at the Beeb. The UK 'gets it'. Soon shall the rest. Paris: venue an obstruction. Ninja! And a solid effort from the lads. NYC: amps a' blowing, hipsters stroking beards. But like Londontown, Big Apple is on point with le SP moderne. Plus Howard Stern (a gentleman) asking for the truth as I see it. And how dare I!? But dare I must, robots... LA: Kimmel. Men in Spidey suits The Pale Emperor surveys it all from those hills. The dust storm rolls, howls. Gingsberg 'was here'! Leary, too... Tune in now, drop out. 4 years, less that David's 5 W.P.C.

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