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In amongst all this practicing I've managed to come in early and generate a whole host of new song ideas. A necessity given my frustration with DAY FOR NIGHT'S progress; or lack thereof. Verdict: we need more guitars and less everything else. Ok, well, that's a bit overstated, but some would get the point.

SP=guitars. 4-evv...

And as I said today to a journalist, things seem to jell-o a bit more where there's some fuzz and stuff. So from here (Nov 24th) till then (Jan 4th) I'll just have to wait to fire up those jets once more. But…

The good news is The Shredder and I are in full rock and roll shape now thanks to Messieurs Mark and Brad, who are bringing the R-Powa anew. Our set being punchy, effective, and too the point: a rarity not seen since SP circa '95. Oh, but lest you lament or sentimentalize, there's little of that here. 'Cause if the kids want to r-o-c in the U-S-S-A they'll have it; OR: 'Who am I to argue?'

SPOILER ALERT: Thanks to all who blew out our entire stock of Christmas vinyl. If you want us to order more from label, let Zuzu's know.

So yeah: CHICAGO, BERLIN, LONDON, PARIS, NYC, and then westward…and the 'ol hometown warmed my heart when the THALIA tix went in 1 minute! (A tip of the hat then to those who did doubt)…

Back to the album then, since I can't spill tour secrets (yet). Here's some titles: PATHE, SELLULOID, RAMONA, MAJESTIC, THE OTHER NIGHT. The woodchopper pile having grown back to about 15 potentiates.

Did I mention Howard ran away? He'll be back…but he did visit my Father with the new album. Bill Sr. gives a thumbs up.

Want some more wrestling news? I know: no one cares…

But remember, I won't give it up so easy. New partnerships are there and waiting, and we'll live to make folly another day. And unlike many in music, those who are involved in those professional ranks live and eat the biz; that's part of what makes it a hall of mirrors. Just be careful, though, who's holding said mirror!

As LL Cool J says…

And here's a bit more on PRETTY PERSEPHONE; the mini-musical I've undertook with my dear friend Jessica Redish of Highland Park's The Musical Theatre. Firstly, project's like these are supposed to be fun. And not presented as I've seen as the moral equivalent to 'BC trades wrestling for musical theatre.' Unbeknownst to many I've met with some of the top producers in the musical theatre world to discuss collaborations; although that went nowhere (so far). Even turned down a well-known (you'd know the name) 'title' because I thought it wasn't right for me. And if you'll look up the resume of Miss Redish you'll see she has pedigree. So for us to work together on this is a blast; and now work-work in the traditional sense.

So take that how you will. But I believe context is everything, and like the hyperbole seen around SIDDHARTHA the world et al has yet to figure out what it means when a pop person does art (see Warhol, Andy). I think everything I do is fab (in some capacity) but that doesn't mean I'm trying to reach everyone (see diva, pop for that) with everything I do.



Simple math. Yet many, too many are dumb (see Cooper, Anderson) and have staffs that don't even know how to use a search engine.

PRETTY P is based on the myth, her myth, with a twist, and will be presented in 4 small scenes/acts (theatre-speak anyone?) So yes, 4 'songs' if you will, of an imaged Elusinian mystery-play. Good f-u-n. Good a-r-t. Not p-o-p, though all is pop. Even GOD.

Oh, and once the production is run I'll release an album of the songs, possibly with friends cuttings the lead parts. Through Zuzu's as usual. SIDDHARTHA is up next, probably by spring.

And expect another Music Machine show in January; if only to spoil the cold. A spoken-word deal with my friend Joseph.


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