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7 song ideas in 6 days. Not bad for someone (me) who's reached the end of my rainbow. But don't cry for me Argentina, I'll hopefully be seeing you soon!

But shucks aside, it's been a fruitful time, as I've been dialing in these feels/rhythms a little more with each session. Hard to explain how that works, because if you heard these demos, most would shriek (as per my brother Col Jesse): "What the HECK?"

Yeah, they sound a little bit disco, a little bit flat, but that's Herr Howard's obsession with 'the lift': that eternal, modern necessity that every song ends leaving you with that 'this is the greatest, most awesome life I'm having' feeling.

Anywho, I agree with The Shredder who says we needn't worry because I (BC) wouldn't allow anything to end up there. Which is t-r-u-e…

Wish I had more insight, but we're demo crazy. And I'm taking a (slight) break. Today's session being to build the music beds for my Elusinian Mysteries Mini-Musical. Work, work, work…

But also Love, Love, Love.

And one other note: there's a certain sweating going on in my world visa vie hoe to best market the MTAE record in the American market. But isn't that every artists dilemma, from T Swift on down? What to 'give up' in exchange for: a listen, a chance, all that. BUT the cool thing about SP going forward is we have learned the hard way that many of those opportunities (so called) aren't worth it. So what does that mean (to you)?

It means we're gonna trust (in many instances) 'the music' as made. 'Cause it got it done the first time, and no amount of marketing, hype, or poor critical review has changed it pro or con in the long run. And as long as I've got this catalog of 400 songs (and growing still), there's a million cool things to be done. Music being my God in the Absolute (In the beginning was sound): the wave, so to speak.

So yeah, MTAE: it's a record. A good one too. Buy it, don't buy it. But remember: we're poised (SP + you) to have a very special year; just ask the Europeans. And this is one party you won't want to miss…!


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