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It's good to see people from all around this great big world enjoying the new tunes. Jeff, Tommy, and I thank you. and hopefully there's more magik in the magic bag to come; for I've written 4 songs in the past 4 days; yesterday, two: DAY FOR NIGHT, and TELL ME WHAT YOU WANTED?

Howard, I must add, is a steadying presence. And although he doesn't write (per se) his discernment is invaluable to mine; which tends towards the lazy.

Still looking for the rock, though, in Howard's 'guitarless' cosmology.

Happy to see, too, that MONUMENTS vinyl at Zuzuu's is almost all gone. Thank you for those who have purchased…and for those looking for Christmas stuff, we'll have more vinyl to come: GISH-OCEANIA.

Plan these days with DAY FOR NIGHT is to write until hopefully we have to leave for our special, album-is-coming out secret shows starting end of December. But as of right now there's no 'band'. Still working on that…

And no, ye trollerz, I no fire da Mike Byrne for his twitchy leg; which by the way is always twitching in-time.

I fire me for this post.


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