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As previously stated, I was off in Euroland hawking the Pumpkin wares. And so in that I must confess that with all that talking I haven't felt like talking. But now I'm back, at the desk, ready to write more musicals, doomsicals, and Day 'Fer Nightacles.

Ah, DAY FOR NIGHT. Remember that record? That stop-starter that is fired anew? Yes, Herr Howard is back, but this time in a support role (for now). 'Cuz I just a'int ready to argue yet over aesthetic values versus pop. The album in mind, I feel, just beyond my grasp. And in my heart I want it to be more, but it keeps heading to shadowlandia…

Which is different with Portlandia in that there isn't a single beard or banjo in sight.

The kids have it, yeah, and they're alright; if they could right a tune that didn't make me want to slit my wrists from overjoy-overkill OR buy a car or hamburger. Pick 'yer poison, mate…

So, what's the list: CARDINAL RULE, FULLSAIL, BURNT ORANGE BLACK, CALX, SONG THAT SHALL NOT BE REVEALED, and that one that escapes me?

Judgement: not ye olde rock enough. That starts today with a new song called GODSPEED.

Berlin was fab, London swingin'. Did probably 40 interviews while there for MONUMENTS TO AN ELEGY. Said the same thing, too; again and again…

'What band?'

'Tommy? He was great!'

'Jeff's the man!'

Plus this nugget: 'All parties end. And disco always dies.'

But it was great to see and say hello to such legends as Boy George, Jim Kerr, Johnny Marr, and Nick Mason; all of whom I admire and respect for being: originals, pioneers, and cooler than cool. And that my friends supplants any generational need to define what can't be defined by today's success; or tomorrow's excuse.


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