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Ok, so we've got this new jam, but I can't tell you the title 'cause it's too good; and somebody will steal it. CALX? I've no fear…

So for now we'll call the song COMFORTABLY DUMB. And if Shredder's enthusiasm is any indicator, we've finally turned the corner into making the record we'd like to make.

But first a diversion. Because in looking for a video director for what should be our first single's little moviette, Jeff and I had to sort through a whole lot of stuff that featured models walking through fields, and ghetto wannabe's acting hard in front of an HD camera. Typical fare, nothing incendiary, mind you, but the kind of stuff that used to make me wince back when I made multiple videos a year.

"Same shit," I told Shredder, "different decade."

And folks, let me say there sure are a lot of beautiful people these days, walking slowly towards a future that is always, always, always bright. History will fix that, I'm guessing, but suffice to say that I was on this journey with this lot and their music. Which tends to be sparse and laptop-friendly. So you can understand why I went out of my way to find a few rock clips that might be more in our wheelhouse. But…

I found the rock stuff even more tired! "Oy," I thought, "I can see why the kids listen to this other stuff!" And I mentioned that to Jeff when I came in to work on our secret tune. He said he'd felt the same thing. Which led us to discuss what it meant to make a future-leaning record when we know the guitar is becoming persona non-grata in a world beyond our control.

COMFORTABLY DUMB *sounds* like it should be on SIAMESE DREAM, and done that way I'd be accused (as I tend to be accused) of 'ripping myself off' (IE listening to my old work to find new inspiration).

"Um, no," says William. "If I was going to do that I'd have done it when I apparently stopped writing hits." Yawn…

Pick your year on that.

Anyway, so Jeff and I got out the Music Machine Modular and started looking for some magic. And found enough to bounce the song at least from the 90's back to the 80's. We had a good laugh about that.

"Fudge it," I said, and we tried doing it 'Howard's Way'. Think: 4 on the floor kick drum till you die.

"You have to admit it's more exciting," Shredder said; and he was right. So we let that be. But the chorus, that wasn't happening with the d-i-s-c-o.

So for that I stacked up some good old skool SP guitars. Now that, that worked.

"We're rebelling against Howard," Jeff said; and again he was right. Rock on…


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