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I'll be brief, I'll be fair, 'cause I've (almost) been everywhere…

No fun, no games, just flat out prose. 'Cause where DJ's make the loot, rockers make zeroes…

So where are we? Or should I not include you in the we? (My hive mind revealed)

Still working on CALX (day 5-6? Can't remember). Huge breakthrough yesterday, a kind reminiscent of ADORE/FUTURE EMBRACE where the process itself takes the writing to new places. For if MONUMENTS TO AN ELEGY is familiar, like a lost symphony, than DAY FOR NIGHT is that subconscious dream that you can't remember; a ruinous chase.

And if my dreams are indication, we're in the murky space between dimensions. Also, Howard is coming back soon. But not to save us/I. He'll be there/here to expedite process. I might be an ace producer, but I'm slow as an engineer driver. Or as Howard says to me: "You break them."

A tip of the the hat to the aggrieved. Today's work will be fleshing out CALX's bass parts, Shredder's lead (yes, we have ONE). And whatever is needed to make a chorus sound like a chorus. No 'lift' here though, as the chorus downshifts to nothing. It's c-o-o-l.


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