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Apparently there is a 10th planet out there in our solar system, hiding behind the Sun. And once it comes clear from it's 3000-year orbit, we'll *know what we've *known all along…

"What's that?" you ask. "That we're not alone?" But of course if you've listened to SP through the years one can be certain of solitude; i.e. guilt by association. For I've never been more alone than when I've been in an unhappy band. So I welcome whoever's on that rock, assuming they are friend; not foe.

And what do aliens have to do with DAY FOR NIGHT? Plenty! But we'll get to that some other post. For now…

Let's discuss songs. We've got 9 spec'd out. Here are the titles: BURNT ORANGE BLACK (still in it's nascent MTAE form), SWORD FROM THE STONE, CARDINAL RULE (updated from Herr Howard's twee version), FULLSAIL (MTAE form), ROUSTABOUT (updated from B-sides sessions), THE SPANIARDS (same), CALX, ERSTWHILE, and NINE PLANET ROCK (or FEAR OF A 10TH PLANET). And coming in today we'll have a good listen to the pile to decide what we need, don't need. My approach to most likely be the same as SIAMESE DREAM, where I'll go about besting what I have with a particular focus. In essence using these songs to clarify the vision (if there is one).

And speaking of that I like what I'm hearing *feel-wise. Where the epic qualities of SIAMESE D meet the august shades of ADORE. But like a good, 50's/60's John Wayne-John Ford western my old character, sentiments, and aspirations are explored from a much-evolved and wizened position. Notice how I didn't say o-l-d!

So yeah, so far we lack the rock (r-o-c-k), but that's easy to come by if you've got real songs. And here, there are plenty. If I was guessing I'd say 5 or 6 of these 9 will endure, and I've no problem being right or wrong. Comparing MTAE and DAY FOR NIGHT, this newest hints at a depth that the other evades in pursuing immediacy. Trick now'll be can we bring that learned immediacy to the present-tense.

Oh, and one more thing: the reason we retrieved SPANIARDS and ROUSTABOUT is simple. Having moved to where we are, from MTAE, and felt our way through, we see those songs not with latent eyes, but future ones. Between the tea leaves this translates to: Howard was wrong, Billy is right. Repeat. Yet, we miss our Producer and look forward to having him back once the picture is clear. And in that Jeff and I take turns saying what he'd say, and making the faces he'd make when my songs don't make him feel like a modern guy in a convertible wants to feel as he's cranking down the amazing road of life.

What do Jeff and I call these effervescent songs of today?: "Today is the greatest day of my life…"

Millenials, unite!


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