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On the album front, MONUMENTS TO AN ELEGY's mastering has been approved, with HOWIE WEINBERG having done a masterful job of giving the collection the rocka rolla it deserved; and required. For those of you who don't know Howie's work, look him up, but know that for SP he was at the helm for GISH, SIAMESE, MELLON COLLIE, ADORE, and MACHINA; plus ZWAN, FUTURE EMBRACE. Oh, and he also worked on that little album called 'Nevermindme'….

Hope you enjoyed that play on words/joke grrrunge fans…

QUESTION TO SP: "So you guys are from Seattle, right?"

AWKWARD SP: "Um, no…"

Back to 2014 stylings, Shredder and I mucked around with THE SPANIARDS, doing some recon on how to get the song past it's siesta-slope; the changes moving too slow for the modern mind. So rather than speed it up all we did is look for more subliminal excitement, adding a tom-tom beat and running my Jupiter4 through a mammoth fuzz. PrestoChango-we have something; guitar army followed; ala STARLA where you just wing out what you play to a hypnotic affect. Very satisfied with these B-sides so far, as they're not fussy like everything else we do and these capture the in-between spirit of the two, going-to-be very different albums.

If DAY FOR NIGHT is the end then, we'll go out swinging on a psychedelic comet. For today, we'll either add more orchestra (guitar drops/synths) or start into R + D phase; or both.

Lastly, let me praise this track I've got above by PHANTOGRAM. IMO opinion this is THE track of the year. Kudos to them for getting it done (as we say on the mean streets of Glendale Heights, ILL)


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