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Ladies, gentlemen, and the rest, we have ourselves a B-side. Well, sorta; in that ROUSTABOUT'S music has been tracked. With just lyrics to finish and vocals to sing. No biggie in that, 'cause I love to warble on like a bird flying south.

Ah, the sweet smell of partial success, and all without Howard to tell me how it isn't success at all if the entire planet doesn't want to sing along like they're in some soda pop commercial; or is it a Satanic ceremony? I can't recall…

I remember once, back when I was on that MySpace deal, that I uploaded a pentagram just for kicks. And they auto-removed it for 'violating policy'. "How is this possible?" I asked a friend. "Oh," she said, "they have computers now that watch everything."

Even further back one can picture me in some metalhead's basement, holding Motley Crue's SHOUT AT THE DEVIL. Thank God there wasn't some computer then to strip the disc from my clammy hands. Or deprive me of Black Sabbath's WE SOLD OUR SOUL FOR ROCK AND ROLL. How different this all might have been?

Tomorrow The Shredder and I tackle THE SPANIARDS, ala where ZUMA meets LUCRETIA, MY REFLECTION. I'll assume some of you shall boogle those terms; you know, to stay in the know.

Today was great fun, the highlight being some fantastic guitar work by Jeff on the songs middle-8. Coolest thing for me is to see where the 'hook meets melody' aesthetic of SP has seeped inward to wear he's got it all dialed in without provocation. Expect things from him to come! As by wednesday we'll be digging through the fuzz pedals for the new-new-new sound. Because…it's time to bring back the n-a-z-z! Or the F-U-Z-Z. But don't tell Howard, he'll only frown.


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