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5 down, ladies and gentlemen, 4 to go; ONE AND ALL currently being on the clock…

Thus far, mixer David Bottrill has built a more lush landscape around what were almost all dry tracks; giving space where before there was only density. The upside being that the music sounds more contemporary than say my usual 70’s-inspired bluntness. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the whole deal in sequence to see how this alters the emotional impact that I got from the rough mixes; which I admit I only listened to twice; once with T Lee; the other with my best friend. So figure the album is done in 4-5 days with only mastering left. With my friend, the masterful Howie Weinberg set to spin the last of the dials.

Ah yes, and I just finished looking through nearly 1000 contest setlists. Dare I say I’m impressed by the entries, with a wide range of notable candidates to sift through. Yet one stands above. Winner to be announced tomorrow.

Oh, and how could I forget: RAVINIA in only 4 days! The mind races at the suspense of how I and The Shredder will face down the thousands waiting to hear an acoustic rendering of their favorite grunge classic. But nay, only shall the folk and sub-electronics ring in their ears…

Truth be told, I’m tired of rehearsing and am ready to get on with it, as the Ex-Cops are in tomorrow to make it all more real. And then chanteuse Sierra Swan to follow; she of the two children and easy tears. Methinks our singing together (the 4 of us) to be a highlight of the night, but of course you must come to see to KNOW. Because even in the digital age there are those things, moments, spells that you must be there to experience; selfies against the stage with BC as backdrop be damned.

I hope you will come if still in doubt, because rare is the night where the music is programmed for that evening alone. And given the weather here in Chicago a biblical backdrop is assured.

So a story to end…

Yesterday in rehearsing (in which this clip of TO FORGIVE was filmed), I found myself yawning a bit. For shouldn’t I know some of these so-called classics well-enough by now. It’s been a crazy go lately: filming R Pro TV show for AMC, mixing, book 6 days a week, plus Zuzu’s Teahouse and don’t forget mademoiselles Chin-Chin, Ling-Ling, Sammi, and their foil Mr. Thom. So yes, I was tired but working away and I thought, in my mind of minds, “at least you are playing music, your voice is in good shape, and in the next room your album is getting finished. And in the other Howard is sorting MACHINA tracks.’ Point being that my life, at its core, is music-music-music, and in that I’m blessed as an artist to still have a show to play.

Thank you (smiley face emoticon)


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