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Meet Wrigley and Lava! Fluffy, silver twin kitty brothers with regal manes and extra long tails, make them two of the most handsome boys ever. They were just born to be with people! They love everybody and certainly aren't shy about asking for attention. They are extremely social and love to play, be silly and cuddle. They will even jump right into your arms for kisses and snuggling—natural lovebugs! It's impossible not to smile in their presence!

Wrigley is also a special needs cat. He has two holes in his heart. Unfortunately, his heart is unrepairable and cannot be operated on. This means that he might have a shortened life-span. However, Wrigley doesn't let his condition slow him down; it's very touching to watch him play, cuddle, and love on everyone, all day long. He certainly knows how to live each day to the fullest!

Lava and Wrigley were born in October 2012 and need to be adopted together. If you are interested in adopting them, please contact Almost Home Foundation's Cat Team at


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