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Yesterday morning I had a dream that Sir Paul McCartney of Beatles and ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ fame had asked me to produce his next album. Thrilled as I was, I tagged along with him in an elevator, which for him was hard as he was carrying a large painting, and the others in the lift weren’t moving out of his way as they should have.

And this portends indirectly to the start of a final mix on MONUMENTS TO AN ELEGY, which officially began yesterday with some tech start-stops; ANTI-HERO getting the first nod.

At the helm is David Bottrill, who we’d worked with on OCEANIA, and it’s a pleasure to have him back; Howard having flown in from the west with a gorgeous tan, How that will help the mix, and David, I can’t say.

So as all this transpires Shredder and I are in the tracking room playing complete sets each day of the RAVINIA show, which currently is clocking in at about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Without giving anything away I’d say I’m not much use afterwards as the playing of 27 songs in a row, however you slice it, is a journey, and considering the personal nature of many of these songs, quite taxing on whatever is left of my heart.

If I haven’t hyped it enough, we’re quite excited about this performance: both for its standalone nature and for the fact that for the first time in a long time, Jeff and I are into a pile of new (yet older) material that, in itself, tells a different story of my musical life than the one I’ve often been told was the only one that ‘mattered.’

One need only look at the ADORE BOX SET coverage to know that isn’t true, and how media in another age shaped delusory narratives which can no longer hold up in a social media age. So I think the believers for that; the true keepers of the flame.

Ah, one other piece of news: Shredder and I need to record a few covers for those exclusives that those peeps offer when an album comes out. As stated before, I’m against more original material, as given the time frame there just isn’t enough time to get deep into songs that deserve otherwise. And quite frankly we just want to have fun. Bands discussed are Echo and the Bunnymen and Sisters of Mercy. But I also think we’d do a killer version of TURNING JAPANESE too…


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