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"Who were The Starchildren? Well, back in days of optimism I figured on having a side band to the Pumpkins, one with no fixed members (beside myself, but even that could be debatable) who could record and play whenever I felt the urge (which was often). But unfortunately the project never got too far off the ground, and besides gigs circa 1989 (?) and even one with Jimmy Chamberlin on bass where we opened for Mazzy Star (!), there was only other formal show to speak of. My best memory from the 3 being that I was near enough to Hope Sandoval (this was backstage, mind you) to see her cry; her tears in no way diminishing what is a shimmering beauty.

So back to this lone single, which there are enough of that I wouldn't call it 'rare', but given that most people don't know of its existence its value is probably somewhat diminished on the open market. Personally I like the song, which says something considering that it was written both in ten minutes and when I was imbibed with too much tequila."


To hear the song, click HERE:

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