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Have an ‘ideal’ Billy Corgan setlist in mind for his upcoming show at RAVINIA, August 30? Are there those obscure favorites you’ve always wanted to hear in person, but have never gotten the chance? Or perhaps there’s a song that’s never been played live?

Well, here’s your chance to change all that, by entering The PANOPTICON’S latest contest; which we’ll awkwardly call the: ‘YES, IT’S MY BILLY CORGAN DREAM SETLIST COMPETITION FOR RAVINIA/2014!’

Here are the rules and/or suggestions:

1. You are allowed to choose 20 songs, which must also be presented in the order you’d have them played.

2. Pick songs from any era you like: pre-Pumpkins, pre-Gish, the original line-up years, Zwan, solo, and Pumpkins 4.0 and beyond. But beware if you lean to heavily on any one period, for an even, pleasing, career-retrospective show does not this make.

3. All songs must be written in whole, or in part by Billy Corgan; as he currently has no plans to play covers at RAVINIA.

4. Submissions must be in by Thursday, August 14th. The winner will be chosen personally by Billy, who himself will present your idealized setlist here on The Panopticon; with additional commentary on why yours was picked above all others. And who knows? He might even take some suggestions, or play that favorite song you’ve always wanted to hear privately during your meet and greet.

5. And lastly, entries with explanations or commentary will be discarded and not considered. So if you’re serious about winning, your list should contain nothing more than 20 titles in the order you’d love to see them played. That’s it! And don’t forget: one entry per person please.

TO ENTER, send your (1) submission to:

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