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With the next Pumpkins’ album awaiting a final mix, Billy Corgan has informed us that work on the follow-up: DAY FOR NIGHT, is set to begin in the second week of September.

“We’ll somewhat repeat the process as before, with a steady amount of demoing and pre-production before ‘recording’ per se. But to avoid some of the blind alleys of the last, Jeff and I are looking at starting the process of instrumentation, harmonies, and the like from the beginning.”

As previously stated, the expectation is that this 2nd proposed album will follow MONUMENTS TO AN ELEGY by no more than 9 months; or: fall of 2015. As far as who else might also be involved, Billy says that that remains an open question, beyond producer Howard Willing and guitarist Jeff Schroeder; this other album, he hints, to be ‘more experimental by nature, and therefore, pushes the necessity of different kinds of collaboration.’

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