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For the casual observer, here are some facts to report. First, all 1st pressings of AEGEA have been shipped, with assembly and shipping of pressing 2 to begin tomorrow.

Also, reports that in less than 24 hours, all the copies of ADORE on vinyl they’d ordered have indeed sold out. But if you’re looking for a standard copy of the original, yet remastered cd, never fret, as pre-order copies are now up and available for purchase. Supplies though are limited, and can purchased here:

And this from BC on preparations for the RAVINIA solo show: “So far the main focus has been on the first 8 songs of the show, with many an obscure number to reconstitute. And now that that section has been fairly defined and identified, I’m wading deep into the Mellon Collie waters, even going so far as re-learning the album’s theme song. And this was at 7 AM!”

If you haven’t got your tickets, you can purchase here:

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