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From BC: "Yes, there are those things that I don't even have, and this is one of them. But what tops that is that I've never even seen one of these, and whatever that press release is that it came with was certainly not approved by yours truly. Oh, and don't forget this nugget: "And How can we be sure that the album won't be leaked before hand?" I asked. Warner's Rep: "Oh, it will be watermarked. That means if someone does leak the album, we'll know exactly who!" Fast forward to album being leaked, costing us tens of thousands of sales and quite possibly a number 1 album. "Do you know who did this?" I asked. "Yes," they told me, fingering someone I believe in Belgium. "So what are you going to do about it?" I railed. "Nothing," Warners told me. "Because if we prosecute them we're afraid all our other releases will get bad reviews."


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