Hello, everyone! Yes, it’s me again, blustering away….

I’ll start first with last night’s AEGEA event, which though sparsely attended was quite affable and featured a short, one hour ‘impressions’ on AEGEA set on The Music Machine Modular. Now, for posterity’s sake, let me say that if I’d announced there’d be live music I think (as before) we would have been inundated with requests and the like for reserved seating, advanced info, and so on. But it’s not always easy to strike the right balance at Zuzu’s, the capacity being small, and our events, though all cool, being of different stripes. In the case of AEGEA release party, it was to simply offer some freshly-minted 3rd edition copies for sale (the lavender press), have a laugh, and record an AEGEA live set for later release. So in that I’d it was a great success, and thank you to those who came. And if you’re interested, the ‘MUSIQUE CONCRETE’ installation is still there, on display, for a month.

As a side note, there are those who’ve not yet received their 1st edition press of AEGEA. This probably means you’ve got a colored vinyl coming, the number being low of the 250. On the 2nd edition, we’re just now getting those. Don’t ask, but let’s just say that when someone tells you something is shipped and it hasn’t, there is no way to combat that other than to apologize. I know in the future I’ll handle such timetables and contingencies differently.

On ADORE, Zuzu’s is still awaiting word on when to sales on the remastered vinyl editions can begin, and we expect to offer similar packages (with a different, Hexestential image too) very soon. And they also report that all box sets: signed, unsigned, and so on, have completely sold out.

Which maybe turns me to talk of the next, and last in the series from the Virgin years: MACHINA, with the deeper work beginning next week to cull together all the many parts. For that I’ve already tabbed Howard Willing to do the mixing, with me beside him, to try to bring out the dark, metallic, and muscular album #1 that lays buried beneath all the hazy insanity, and bring #2 into line. Expect a very, very different and illuminating work.

Also, I’ll be finally (!) transferring the SIDDHARTHA tapes, as that will be my next private press release. Planning for artwork has begun, with cover art by LINDA STRAWBERRY. Expectations are for a 5 to 6 disc set.

While all that’s going on, Jeff and I will be preparing away for RAVINIA, Aug 30th, with a few special guests lining up for a varied program. But note that there will be no mystery, as I’ll announce whoever shall be involved before. The set that’s shaping up will definitely, definitely be talked about for some time.

Don’t forget: tonight is RESISTANCE PRO’S last show before we start shooting for our new, unscripted television show. I know I’ve said it before, but there will be those who’ll regret not seeing the promotion in its innocent infancy. From here on, there’ll be no looking back. Bell time 7:30, ARABIAN KNIGHTS, WILLOWBROOK, IL.

On new SP, mixing for MONUMENTS TO AN ELEGY is set to begin Aug 18th, and I’ll be once more sharing updates during that process, as well as early stage comments on DAY FOR NIGHT; which will undergo a similar process and build-up; staring almost immediately. And though I can’t say for sure, we are now hopeful of a December release on album #1; with a single in October. Now that, that would be fab. And without giving anything away, I’d like to share a message with you I got from our manager PETE KATSIS, who though having heard the demos, had never heard the album in process. “WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lastly, let me once again thank ALTERNATIVE PRESS for putting on one heck of an awards show. Yes, it was rough in spots, but what it had reminded me of a certain awards show put on by a certain network back-in-the-day that used to have awards shows that were about music and up and up and coming bands; and though staged and contrived as anything those shows at least felt dangerous because the artists themselves were young, hungry, and ready to take over the world. So kudos to AP for reclaiming our alternative culture, as ephemeral a word as that may now be, and putting a face on it for those beaming faces I saw out there in the audience. As I’ve said 1,017 times, I’m fine with irrelevancy if it involves being replaced by a generation who is out to make our planet a better place. Until then, I stand defiant and in league with those ‘kids’ I saw backstage, who I perceive are sick of the numbness they see, and by extension treated me with an incredible respect and kindness. It was a great, awesome night.

And who better to be introduced by then the indomitable CM PUNK? Who graciously spoke of our mutual love for the squared circle. I can’t think of a better man….


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