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Allegedly, and I use the word generally, we are but one song away from being finished; and if the pace we’re on keeps up we should be done tomorrow. But rock and roll being what it is I’d give that one more day. Either way, 1 day, 2 days, let’s just say I’m thankful it a’int 3. ‘Cause I don’t think I could take it.

My mind? Gone. My health? Flailing? My Spirit? Flagging. And I’m just one more criticism away from breaking into pieces like bad peanut brittle.

Wow, that was a bad analogy. But I’ve kept it for honesty’s sake.

Again, allegedly, BEING BEIGE is finished. But that’s what Herr Producer claimed on RUN TO ME the night before, and that was a flat out…fib? No, no, Howard’s not a liar, he’s just a tinkerer where I am a restless soul. And as has been shown one too many times in my music CAREER (there, I’ve used that shameful word), I don’t do so well once I’m ready to bust a move to the next song-band-location-partner-vocation, etc.

So today was lots of warbling around on harmonies, while having a gab fest about whether EVERY song chorus needs to sound like it’s headed for a kid’s channel.

ONE AND ALL is last: more vocals, more lasers trilling away. But no dentist’s drill. Howard said that sound went out in the 90’s (there, I’ve used that shameful qualifier).


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