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Blank is right. 9 hours of synths, Mellotron, and whatever else that goes blink-blink was thrown at DRUM AND FIFE today. With some end in sight, just not tonight, and harmonies by morning. This stems from an inability to lift the track rightly without destroying its tough groove. Too much blink-blink and you’ve got a track like OWATA that just washes out from too much information, not enough and you’d call it a missed opportunity.

And there were moments where things added up rightly, even so much so that we stripped the track back down and felt that the drum-bass-guitar was still more vital than say anything that was tinkling. A good sign! Yet I’m suspicious of conventionality (well-documented), so the builds most would do don’t interest me, despite effectiveness. Hence jerkin’ around to the wrong beat.

So we’ll be shooting to finish 2 tomorrow, TIBERIUS being the other.

Have I spoken about how I’d like my life back? You know, the one where I stare at the wall and dream?


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