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From BC: "What you see here is a 5 song sampler we used to sell at our shows, circa 1989. The cost was essentially what it cost us to make, which was maybe 3 or 4 dollars. The handwriting varies on each tape, which explains why some have mine and others have the penmanship of close, SP intimates. As a side note the address you see on the insert is where my Father's house was; long ago torn down; so please don't bother whoever lives on the property now. But you might call the location the birthplace of the band, because it is here where I first dreamed of the notion and held tryouts, practices, and wrote many of the first songs."


Interested in sharing unique items from your own personal collection? Send pictures and all information you might have to, and those selected will not only be featured on THE PANOPTICON, but receive insights from WPC as to whatever information he might (or might not!) recall.

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