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ANAISE finished. That makes 3. So in tribute we’ll put up a pic of Anais #1, the sybaritic coupletess.

You ask what happened? I don’t want to say. So let’s just say there was a lot of moaning on about insufficient choruses (the old saw), and whether enough was enough. Imagine: more synths, more melodies, more vocal harmonies; more, more, more. You get the picture. Balancing Rome on the head of a pin. Or is it a camel?

DRUM AND FIFE tomorrow. Have I mentioned I’m looking forward to getting my life back? At least until we start the next album in the fall.

Oh, and I’d love to brag about how good the stuff sounds, but every band-artist-braggart says that. So know it sounds awful. Everything is auto-tuned, and every chorus sounds like 7 car commercials jacked together. Woe is me.

We’ve actually floated out the prospect of putting out the album this year instead of early next; so yes, wheels are spinning to see if that’s possible. Certainly would help those rumors of all these festivals were supposed to be playing come true. I hear it’s summer *there when it’s winter *here. But due to climate change, or disruption, or whatever they call it today who knows?

As long as the band gets to play on the Sun…


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