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So the road is done, almost. As the finish of another SP album, the 8th if one is being technical, draws to a peaceful, pleasing, and enthused conclusion. All lead vocals having been sung, and basic or essential tracking complete. What's left? The occasional guitar overdub, a few tasty strings, and a last debate about how many backing vocals are necessary, and to that who else besides myself might sing. As you might imagine, we're quite used to having no others voices in the mix beside my own, and so it just might end up being me; which through clever optics is actually a more common scenario that most could imagine.

Warbling over ONE AND ALL went well enough today, and there is no special torture to report other than my picking the occasional argument with Howard; who I like to think secretly enjoys my non-stop banter and bluster for it at least breaks up the monotony of our work.

And dare I add that the elevation of Shredder's guitar playing is for me the highlight of this album. Soon you'll get to hear what I mean, but you might miss it if you don't listen close because his work here is tasteful, subtle, and bold where needed; and there isn't one solo between us.

"It's all about the songs, dude…" - future quote I'll attribute to myself when talking to a future disgruntled fan.

Tomorrow we circle back to ANTI-HERO, to dot the I's and cross the T's and Rob the Halfords. As Jeff and I discussed over dinner, there isn't much left on the checklist, and that's a good thing.


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