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Me and this guy pictured above are old friends, and if my memory serves me right that ‘twas the first true synth I ever bought: an Arp 2600; featured, for you trainspotters, first on SP’s 1979 (it’s that first galloping sound you hear). I’ve been offered to sell it a few times, but won’t, as it still comes in handy. Although today it lost out in a showdown with a Steiner-Parker Microcon for the RUN TO ME hiccups that waltz throughout the track. But I digress…

Because first we had to dust off ANAISE, seeing that the song’s middle-8 was barren as Fagin’s cupboard. So that entailed a succession of trials and errors: a Jupiter 4, a Voyetra, and finally a PPG V 2.2! Ahoy Ultravox, Ahoy Midge! And a wild wind we did reap, take my hand…

Because round these climes we still mess about with that MIDI stuff; or as Howard calls it (and we don’t bother to correct him): M 1 D 1.

Add some furry low bass stuff (Arp Omni) and you got yourselves one heck of a sub party. And no I don’t mean JC’s pal Jimmy John (and no, I don’t think he has an endorsement).

Recently it’s comes to The Shredder and I’s attention that Herr Producer is quite fond of his sloppy bass, which may say something about his personal life. I’m just saying…

How relived am I tomorrow to be singing RUN TO ME? As relieved as a sports fan with a DVR, or as happy as a bug on a rug, or as pertinent as a couple of crazy cats with their own social media account(s).

But hey: soon their have their own greeting card line featuring lyrics stolen from my songbook. Who knew?


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