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Five down, four to go; that’s all I’ve got to say.

Q: “Now William, who is Anaise?”

A: “She doesn’t exist.”

Q: “So there’s no such person?”

A: “Well, I’m sure she exists somewhere. But no, don’t know any Anaise’s.”

Q: “Any relation to the writer?”

A: “You mean Miss Nin?”

Q: “Yeah.”

A: “No. Unless I’m channeling those Henry Miller books I read as a teen.”

Q: “Care to share any insight into what the tune’s about?”

A: “I’d prefer not to. I mean, generally speaking I’ve avoided letting anyone in about what my songs are really about. And quite often the interpretation I’ve found of others is better than my own. Save for critics, who usually miss the Midwest humor-pathos.”

Q: “Did you have a picture in mind of someone known as you wrote the lyric?”

A: “No, no one. Strange isn’t it?”

Q: “If you say so.”

A: “I do.”

Q: “Last question. You’ve written many songs with women’s names in the title: Stumbleine, Ruby, June, I’m sure there are many I’m missing. Do you think you’ll continue doing so? I mean, to the effect that it creates a kind of linear narrative in all your work?”

A: “No. I think we’ve reached the end.”

Q: “And why is that?”

A: “Perhaps it’s because she doesn’t exist?”

Q: “She?”

A: Yeah, the big S, or H, or G. Perhaps there’s just one Mother-Lover-Friend to find? And searching for an ‘other’ is a waste of time.”

Q: “You think so?”

A: “I know so.”

Q: “So if there is no ‘other’ as you put it, why Anaise? Why not Alice, or Sally?”

A: “Or William?”

Q: “Right!”

A: “I think Lou Reed already covered that when he wrote ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’.”


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