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Here at SP Headquarters, we’ve been receiving lots of correspondence about the timetable on AEGEA, where questions like ‘when am I going to get my copy?’ before the 6 week deadline, although prudent, were taken as hasty and ill conceived. For it seems in the rush to buy a copy many did not actually read that they were involved in a pre-sale.

Fair enough, as now the 6 week deadline is here, and we still have no copies to ship.

From Billy: “In placing a 2nd order for AEGEA, the vinyl company pushed back the first order so that, per their convenience and not ours, they’d press all at the same time. Understandably, I am irate; for not only was this timetable promised to me after much negotiation (and by the way I was given no special status, i.e. I got to jump to the front of some line), but of course I made a public assertion of delivery to those buying. Anyway, I’ve been promised anew that all 1000 pressed copies will be sent at the end of next week, which means the turnaround time here to assemble jacket to record, etc won’t be much longer than that. For those interested, we’ll document every step of the process as it happens.”

And per WPC, if you have pre-purchased a double-copy of AEGEA and now wish to ask for a refund, please contact us at:

Additional copies ‘freed’ as such in return will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis once we have them in hand.

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