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From Billy: "This true copy of the entire Machina 2 set was procured, as best as I can tell, by sale from the fan I'd sent it to; and is the copy from which the initial bootlegs were culled from. But as was custom to that era that same fan also betrayed other confidences by letting out other materials that I'd asked him to keep; costing in effect confidences from others far more innocent. Which explains the availability of certain materials, and how Machina 2 as a project did not come out sequentially as I'd asked.

There are other copies, of course, 24 of them, one of which is in the possession of my friend Robert Smith; who's music has inspired me so. And last I heard the Q101 copy (a local Chicago radio station) may be once more offered for sale. The last listing if I recall set at around 10,000$US.

Lastly, I look forward to reuniting Machina 1+2 next year, with which we'll probably offer this set as a reissue amongst other materials.

How you might participate in Memorabilia Mondays:

Interested in sharing unique items from your own personal collection? Send pictures and all information you might have to, and those selected will not only be featured on THE PANOPTICON, but receive insights from WPC as to whatever information he might (or might not!) recall.

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