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Pretty simple session: warmed up my voice for a half hour and cut into DRUM AND FIFE; which is essentially finished now. Three down, six to go.

“What’s the song about BC?” you might ask if you ran into me at the grocery story. “It’s about what’s coming down the pike for those who have it coming,” I’d tell you cryptically, pretending as such with mendacity that I was only there to make my own salad and nothing more. Let’s say you saddled up close and said with a whisper, “Did Howard ever get the sample issue fixed with the fife and all.” “Nope,” I’d shake, “was too busy comping my pony-boy vocals.”

TIBERIUS is next on the dock, and we’ll probably start with the Mini-Moog per the demo to play what is the song’s signature 6/8 line. But knowing my producer he’ll probably try to swindle me into singing. Seems he has a cat to get home to.


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