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What did we get done today? Fleshed out ‘Bowie Bridge’ with a stack of Voyetra patches, a phased pair of Shredder chords, and some well placed Mini-Moog melodies. And going in a few more steps I pulled the rip chords to see what the section might need another day. Which means that MONUMENTS is essentially done (save for the mantra of BV’s/select lead drops, etc).

DRUM + FIFE, right? But who’s playing the battlefield fife? Past conversations centered on perhaps getting someone who can actually play the instrument, but given the reality of life in modernity I said a tuned sample will. Thus began a race between Herr Producer and I on dueling computers for who might actually locate a sampled fife (harder than you might think!).

So all was well in flutelandia until we discovered the downloaded samples were corrupted and crackling.

“Let’s move on…”

Shredder’s parts were next: ala slashing Tele and bubbling, tremulous swing; much of time in picking right amp/setting, and so on.

By the way, Jeff has an announcement. But I’ll let him post that on his social media outlets when he actually has social media outlets to post on. Until then I’ll have to serve as his de facto press agent.

Reporter: “Can you update us on Mr. Schroeder’s status?”

BC: “He’s alive and well. I just talked to him an hour ago.”

Reporter: “Any comment on the rumors?”

BC: “There are rumors?”

Reporter: “Yes. Actually many.”

BC: “If you’re referring to his presence, I can say without a doubt that he is here.”

Reporter: “When you say ‘here,’ what does that mean?”

BC: “Um, that’s he’s here and satisfying the requirements required.”

Reporter: “Which are?”

BC: “Focusing on what he’s choosing to focus on.”

Reporter: “Which is?”

BC: “His group.”

Reporter: “But isn’t the group yours?”

BC: “No. As I’ve said before the group is no one’s; or perhaps everyone’s?”

Reporter: “Then how does that make Jeff different from others?”

BC: “It doesn’t. In fact he’s in the same boat as Mr. Lee.”

Reporter: “And what boat is that?”

BC: “A sinking one.”

Reporter: “That’s kind of grim, isn’t it?”

BC: “Not at all. Because at least a sinking boat can sail on for a bit.”

Reporter: “So who’s the captain of this ‘boat’?

BC: “You are.”

Reporter: “I am?”

BC: “Yes. Can’t you tell? Now, just close your eyes.”

Reporter: “Ok.”

BC: “So what do you see?”

Reporter: “Nothing.”

BC: “Exactly! But wait, I have a question for you.”

Reporter: “Shoot.”

BC: “Can you play rainbows?”

Reporter: “I don’t understand.”

BC: “I asked because we need a rainbow player.”

Reporter: “I thought you guys needed a drummer?”

BC: “No.”

Reporter: “Or a bass player?”

BC: “Nope. Just someone who can play rainbows.”

Reporter: “Sounds kind of weird to me!”

BC: “I say it’s perfectly normal. Because what’s on the other side of the rainbow…?”

Reporter: “Well, it’s either Oz or a pot of gold?”

BC: “Yes, that’s it. See anything yet?”

Reporter: “No. Oh wait, I see a faint image coming in. It’s a, it’s a…”

BC: “Yes?”

Reporter: “It’s a wrestling ring? And above it is a spinning rollercoaster with a drum set!”


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