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A glorious day; at least for the first 90 minutes in session. The above pictured pedal caressing a Sound City amp, it’s treble negated to zero. MONUMENTS it’s beneficent.

What did I just say? Translation: I got MONUMENTS done quickly (a single take, thank you) by 1:30. Fast forward 6 hours, you’d see me, BC, sitting on a bench, chin on hand. Why? ‘Cause my amp blowed up a-gain (3rd time!)

When even T Lee tells you to turn down then you know you got issues.

So like a good scout boy I tried to match blowed-up amp sound with the Marshall Plexi, and came darn close. But I must admit I was defeated by the sound that just can’t be reigned in. So I await a 3rd (or is it a 4th) repair.

This left Herr Howard saying, ‘fellas, what are we gonna do now?” Shredder: “My overdub on ANTI-HERO?” Howard, “Sure!” (think high voice).

Night over, day defeated. Plenty to do tomorrow.


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