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Ah, finally, today, I felt like I was making a record as opposed to preparing to make a record. This is to take nothing away from T Lee, who’s admirably set us up. It’s just that The Shredder and I get to sink teeth now into overdub oblivion. So what’s that mean? Here’s an example: began with the ’63 blue Jag for the verses, and using a simple line driver into a 70’s Marshall combo laced a lo-fi, high-fi signal that made ever Howard proud. Which begat a super sonic sound (BC gtr into same line driver into me Super Tremolo head/thank you Uli!) for mega-choruses. For novices, a line driver is essentially a 35db signal boost with a kind of filter on it that juices an old amp; the good part being an animated sound, the bad part that you are often stuck riding a wild pony. So in 3 to 4 hours of experimentation I dialed, dialed, dialed in what was my lone rhythm track. Which then put Jeff in the same position of testing amps, cabinets, microphone positions, and even the best speakers (of 4) to use. And in that he’d get it sorted with Howard looking more panic stricken. Quote: “You guys are insane.”

Jeff: “Hey, any day that my amp doesn’t blow up is a good day.”

Here above then is a short clip of The Shredder playing ANTI-HERO, copyright me, written by me. So don’t go a stealin’!


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