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Guitar time, 2014-style…

Started by going through around 8 Strats, a prototype Reverand, and the early 60’s, blue Jaguar I played on the OCEANIA tour. In that we’d narrow down the suspects to those ‘most likely,’ and then Shredder did the same with 4 Les Pauls; all instruments being shot through the same speaker-mic combo for consistency. But in oscillating through cabinets Jeff would blow his vintage Marshall for the second time in a month or so.

This unfortunately set s off on a different course, and starting with the same mic-combo Howard would audition a number of mic-pre’s: Germanium and other old Neve’s, Datamix, Helios, Telefunken V76 and V72, and even a modded Scully. Followed by a succession of ancillary mic’s (421 or 414?) to broaden the sound without killing the distortion signature.

And if that wasn’t enough we tried other tricks of the trade (different style guitar cables, or trying the other back output of my amp). Followed by the testing of vintage-boost pedals, including a Dallas-Arbiter like the one used by Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi (back in the day!).

Tomorrow starts tracking in earnest, ANTI-HERO up first. Hope to share a small video clip.


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