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Freshly back from the coast, Howard, Jeff, and I began the final-final (did I say final?) process of building up these 9 tracks we know so well; now that we have the T Lee drum barrage backing us up.

And oh how I missed these daily updates. But I wasn’t about to share (with the same intimacy) how said Mr. Lee fared under the withering gaze of our Producer! Let’s just say for the record that not only did he match the exacting precision demanded by that wearied veteran of the computer age, Tommy even brought Howard to tears as he recalled his own (yet distant) big-haired past.

But all joshing aside I want to say that working with a musician as warm, bright, alive, intuitive, and concussive as T Lee has been a great joy, and a highlight of my musical life. Lucky am I to consider him a brother and a friend.

As far as today’s studio work, we began assessing the drums takes we have while negotiating some of the minor editing work necessary to begin piling on basses, guitars, keys, vocals, and glingerschlinks. By the way that’s Teuton for dark matter. Also pulled out a phalanx of BC Strats for variety, and lined up the usual suspects: my Tonight, Tonight 335, the Mayo Kimberly, and even the Dross SG. Locked and loaded, ready to rock. Go! Bass tracking starts tomorrow.


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