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Hello from LaLaLand, where dreams go to die and are reborn in beautiful, nucleated sunlight.

I duly report we have two songs to go: ONE AND ALL, and BEING BEIGE; Sir Lee having kicked out 3 songs over the weekend. Today is an off day (hence my reportage), and I’ve heard a rumor that the studio in our absence is to be inhabited by a couple of guys named Hagar and Anthony.

If we finished on schedule Herr Producer intends to sit with T Lee and sort through the various takes, stitching together what should be one heckuva frame by which to build a new starship; the album sessions reconvening at the start of next week and running till it’s done.

One bonus of listening from the back each day is to note where certain lyrics are working (or not), giving me a greater opportunity to clarify the album’s message, which is…?

Dystopia, The Sun, hope, false hope, the death rattle’s of the old paradigms, or whatever lives over the rainbow….

All good!

“Cause I’m hot, young, running free, a little bit better than I used to be…”

And lastly, let’s acknowledge that The Shredder’s L.A. Kings beat my/our Chicago Blackhawks last night in a crushing 7th game O.T.

Spinning pentagrams indeed!


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