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It’s official. Howard loves us.

MONUMENTS was the big snag today, as our producer pointed to an earlier arrangement that started with the chorus. I said I didn’t mind the start but that such a change would cause problems later in the song; which it did. So lots of mucking about there. And although I should bore you with the details let’s just say I’d sound like a broken record. Suffice to say that we made it work, and danced with our hands to the heavens. Ok, maybe not that, but we did celebrate by eating kale salad. Now there’s the kind of deets that’ll keep ya coming back.

This sent me back to lyric land, and no amount of whistling brought back my friend to help. He did send an email though: “Squawk. You lied.”

When I sent a reply it bounced back.

We’ve got 4 days left before a return to Camp Lee, where rocka-rolla always has sentries posted. Ba-boom!

What else happened today? A broken board was fixed, a broken heart was mended, an unbroken song was made anew, and I recast lyrics I once swore was done. Was that yesterday?


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