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It’s official. Howard hates us. That’s how you know it’s going to be a really good album. Because Jeff and I are fighting our popmeister at every turn to keep the rock-rock and the pop-popping; i.e. aggressively taking the music that’s out there that is OFFICIALLY snooze-worthy (and I’ve contributed my fair share) and kicking it out of the motherfucking way.

Yes, I just said that: from a spiritual place, mind you.

And if you want to troll quotes from BC/me circa 1990-1997 you’ll see the same stuff. I mention this simply to show that this isn’t a new concept.

Having stood on the sidelines for too long, and let the murky SP be marginalized by forces that are often beyond me (psychologically), I’m back to doing what I KNOW how to do. R-O-C-K. And if any braveheart-types want to take me and The Shredder on in that, we say ‘good on you,’ ‘as it should be,’ and ‘living after midnight, rocking till the dawn, loving till the morning, then I’m gone. I’m gone.”

So, here’s some on today: Jeff and The Shredder debunking MONUMENTS, I at the Bauer re-crafting gothy ANAISE anew. Which was easy enough till I came upon Howard and Jeff in a discussion. ‘Cause Howard likes the song lean (which I agree with), but that said it’s not a trip I totally understand. As in the modern-alt song formula: heavy, sluggy drums, overdriven bass, tinkly keys, and fey vocals over the echoey abyss. I mean, I get it, but it a’int me. Like I said: guitars, guitars, guitars; c’est moi!

Howard is right though, in that that’s what’s getting played. And played. And played.

So that was an hour, discussing how I better learn how to rap. JUST KIDDIN! I’m in the lab making techno beats, actually.


When Jeff was done-over it-poking the beat with a stick, we shifted to the newest (squared) version of ANAISE. Which at least we all agree is fab and pretty. Amen.

God is good.


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