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WPC announces today that he has placed an order for a single disc version of ‘AEGEA’, which when ready for shipment will be offered once more for sale at Madame Zuzu’s Teahouse and its accompanying web-store. Expected window for purchase begins in 6-8 weeks; or mid-July.

Given the interest, this first press of the single-edition AEGEA is expected to yield 500 additional copies. But can change in relation to a Smashing Pumpkins Nexus subscriber list, which is indicated on this site with the muted ‘AEGEA’ cover icon. Use of this address will only be used in relation to any future sales of ‘AEGEA’ and nothing else. So if you’d like advance notification or the accompanying code that places a subscriber at the front of the line for any on-sale, please sign up today. There is no charge to enlist and no advance fee for purchase is required.

As such the ‘AEGEA’ list will only help calculate if a bigger press than 500 copies is needed, will shorten the waiting time on receipt of any subsequent pressing, and serves as a courtesy for those most interested in acquiring their own vinyl copy of ‘AEGEA.’

Happily so, the first and second double-disc pressings of ‘AEGEA’ sold out to buyers from 27 countries in under one hour, and as Billy told us: “My wish is that everyone who wants to buy a vinyl copy of ‘AEGEA’ will have the opportunity to do so.” In this the set price for a third pressing of ‘AEGEA’ will be 29.95$ plus shipping and handling.

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