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What a crazy day.

Worked on my book, then headed down to the city to see some playoff hockey with The Shredder; who was rooting for his hometown Kings. Blackhawks won, yes-sir-ree.

But being erstwhile we were off to work. “Let’s eat first,” I said; a decision which led to me puking in the bathroom 45 minutes later. And if that wasn’t weird enough, I came out of the restroom to some strange live rendition of 1979 playing on the radio! I considered going home, of course, yet soldiered on and in my haze had a strong evening writing lyrics: MONUMENTS, DRUM + FIFE, and DORIAN. That makes 7 I’ve dialed in at that other level. Dystopia indeed!

The Shredder, he of the iron stomach, is currently tackling MONUMENTS overdub guitars. 7 days to go before we’re back with T Lee and his fists of steel.

Point being new demos need to be cut to track to. The more information in hand, the better, so that all crashes are crashing in the right spots; and so on.


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