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When I first partnered up with brothers Jacques and Gabe Baron to form what was than an-as-yet unnamed wrestling company, I mapped out an idea I had that we should shoot for an unscripted television show first rather than the traditional model of putting matches on television. And though we’ve done some local stuff here in Chi-town, I didn’t pursue the opportunities I had to find bigger platforms, so stuck was I on the idea that this was the route for us to take.

Along the way, 2 plus years and counting, we’ve had lots of talented people come and go; some of who are and will remain my friends. The reasons of course have much to do with the business of business: and all business is personal; no matter what anyone tells you; cause when they want you, they want you, and when they don’t? Well, you know how that ends.

So what does this have to do with The Smashing Pumpkins, 2014-style? Friday, 4.16.14 SP guitarist Jeff Schroeder joined part of our cast for a 2nd time, playing as he does in the band of Resistance Pro’s Heavyweight Champ Jocephus; his character the mysterious Necromancer. And so too is my younger brother Jesse involved, who some of you might know as ‘SPACEBOY’ from the album Siamese Dream. But not all agree that that even those facts are pertinent to the impersonal, never-ending business of selling shit: records-digital files-squiggly lines in some faraway hard drive. So I’ll get back to that question in a moment, if you will.

Here’s a fact: only one person from R Pro’s first show remains, and this includes wrestlers, announcers, and even referees; excepting legend Raven, who is very involved with the television show. And that wrestler is Sarah Worley, better known as D’arcy Dixson, who when we started our company had never ever been in a ring; her wish she told us just to take part. And not too ironically it was D’arcy who opened this winding story pulling back the curtain of our debut, and D’arcy who ended up a champion.

When I got the call Friday that we were indeed partnering up with the AMC Network, I was beyond thrilled. Because I’ve said from the beginning this is where we wanted to be. And soon you’ll hopefully be able to see what I see: young people with grand dreams, and legends who can’t quit a business they love. All fighting we hope for the continued success of Resistance Pro.

It is in essence our shot. Or better put: the aspirations of one family; my family.

So back to SP: and what Zuzu’s, Hexestential Graphics, AEGEA, WPC, The Ivory Tower, PAWS, Chin Chin, Ling Ling, Sammi, Mr. Thom, Herr Howard, Motley Crue, and even Resistance Pro have to do with the making of my music?



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