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Two wing operation: Jeff working on choruses for DORIAN via guitars-synths-glockenspiels, yours truly unspooling the lyrical themes of BEING BEIGE. So not much that’s snazzy to report.

Chin Chin says hi…

How about this: Chicago’s Blackhawks face Jeff’s Los Angeles Kings tomorrow in the NHL playoffs, and we will be there! The Shredder being a native Los Angelean.

Or here’s a tidbit: I’ve begun sifting through the mounds of MACHINA material for what will be the last of the O.G. reissues; ADORE being prepared now for what looks like a release in the near future. Found a bunch of interesting acoustic demos: pre and post album; MACHINA that is.

Or another: we spend another 1 ½ hour preparing for the Ravinia show, looking for material that will balance against those trusty classics and what is a planned ‘Mellon Collie Suite.’ Zwan songs too, if you remember those unwashed years…

Or hey: I’m a pescetarian now. I gave up the rest over a year ago. Go figure…

Or how about this: there are few words that rhyme with beige. Page? Wage? Outrage? Rage against the gauge? But no, beige a’int in the song. Just a lot of you did this, and I didn’t do that’s. And be-ing.

Did you hear they found the biggest dinosaur ever? 165 feet by 65 feet or something. If only the Bears could draft him, we’d have a shot at da title.

Or did you hear the one about the horse who walks into Madame Zuzu’s Teahouse? Barkeep says, “Hey, why the long face?”

Or the one where my cat Mister Thom begs you to buy more tea from our online store or he won’t be fed tomorrow, or the day after that. I’m just saying…


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