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Overall, AEGEA’s on-sale went fairly smooth, beyond a crushing demand making it so that we couldn’t access servers; and therefore put the record up for purchase. A few clever-types were able to access certain pages before they’d gone public too, which I’ll write off as ‘fans of my music tend to be smarter than others’ bragging rights. Anyway…

In planning to release ‘AEGEA’ I’d considered different means, one of which was to release the double-vinyl to whomever might want it first, and then perhaps offer a single-disc version afterwards; which would only remove the 2 longer, alternate versions of pieces #3 and #5. Having listened this way I’d say the single disc feel is more like a lost movie soundtrack, the longer more like a strange chant. Obviously one disc would also mean a lower price point, and would just be made available whenever each edition of 500 might sell out; for I love the idea of a budding, building catalog in-store at Zuzu’s. My long-range thinking would be the offer of other titles by other artists as well; songstress Sierra Swan being among them. Because the teahouse attracts a lot of casual customers who don’t follow every stitch of news, and it would be great to offer them this music too.

But whatever I do, the double vinyl series of AEGEA is (for now) capped at 500 copies; all signed and numbered. And if I was guessing I’d say I’ll make a decision on whether or not to make a single-disc pressing in the next 2 weeks, which I’d only put up for sale when they were in hand. So if you’d be among those ordering, your copy would come right away.

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